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Lost Dog in Connecticut: Community Rallies to Bring Andy Home

Andy, an 11-year-old Pembroke Welsh Corgi, has captivated the hearts of a Connecticut community after disappearing for months. This heartwarming story highlights the power of social media and unwavering determination in reuniting lost pets with their families.

A Journey from Massachusetts to Connecticut

Andy’s adventure began on New Year’s Eve when he was spooked by fireworks near Westport, Connecticut. Far from his home in Massachusetts, Andy has evaded capture for nearly five months. Sightings have ranged from the Westport/Norwalk area to Cranberry Park in Wilton/Norwalk.

Lost Dog in Connecticut

A Tireless Search Effort

A dedicated group on Facebook, “Bring Andy Home,” has spearheaded the search. Their efforts include:

  • Extensive neighborhood canvassing.
  • Flyer distribution.
  • Fundraising for a professional tracker and her dogs.
  • Deploying night vision cameras and traps.
  • While other lost dogs have been lured by food in the traps, Andy remains cautious, showcasing his transition into survival mode.

A Setback and Renewed Hope

The search took a heartbreaking turn when Karin TarQwyn, the tracker’s lead dog, fell ill. Despite this personal struggle, Karin remained committed to finding Andy and even left her second dog, Brodie, to assist Jordina, Andy’s owner.

The power of social media extends beyond the search for Andy. The “Bring Andy Home” group played a crucial role in connecting Karin with veterinary specialists who are treating Cade.

The Search Continues: Help From Golfers Needed

Andy’s latest sightings place him near the marina area and the Shorehaven Golf Course. Golfers, known for their early mornings, are urged to be vigilant.

Here’s how you can help:

  • Keep an eye out for Andy, a small Pembroke Welsh Corgi.
  • Save Jordina’s phone number (781-264-5243) in your phone.

If you spot Andy, do not chase him. Call Jordina immediately to direct a search team.
Share Andy’s story with friends, neighbors, and relatives. The more eyes searching, the better the chance of a happy reunion.
With continued community support, Andy’s incredible journey may soon have a Disney-worthy ending.