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Tips for Golf Betting

Pro Tips for Golf Betting on Tournament Results

The fairway beckons, the flagstick stands tall, and the thrill of competition hangs in the air. Golf tournaments offer not just captivating athleticism, but also an exciting opportunity to test your prediction skills with golf betting. Whether you’re a seasoned…

Wrestling Competitions and Results

Greater Hartford Open Wrestling

The Travelers Championship Heats Up Connecticut Summers Every August, the quaint town of Cromwell, Connecticut transforms into a golfer’s paradise. The prestigious Travelers Championship rolls into TPC River Highlands, attracting the biggest names in professional golf. This PGA Tour event…

practice tee in golf

What is a practice tee in golf?

Mastering Your Swing For every awe-inspiring golf shot that soars down the fairway, countless practice swings and well-worn practice balls pave the way. These unsung heroes of the green play a crucial role in honing your skills and elevating your…

Golf Swing Myths 3

Common Golf Swing Myths Busted

Golf swings can be a complex dance of mechanics and timing. However, various myths and misconceptions can cloud your understanding and hinder your progress. Here, PGA Golf Professional Bob Meheran from Wampanoag Country Club dismantles some of the most common…

Hybrid Clubs

The Rise of Hybrid Clubs: Revolutionizing Golf

Golf has always been a sport steeped in tradition, where even the smallest change can cause a ripple in the community. One such innovation that has made waves in recent years is the emergence of hybrid clubs. These versatile clubs…

Robert Samek golfer

Robert Samek: A Czech Golf Pro’s Journey to Success

Embark on a journey through the illustrious career of Robert Samek. He is a professional golfer hailing from the Czech Republic. Robert whose stellar performances on the European Tour have captivated golf enthusiasts worldwide. The Rise of Robert Samek Robert…

Charity day

CT Charity Tournaments Directory

Fore Charity! Tee Up for a Good Cause at Connecticut Charity Golf TournamentsConnecticut boasts a vibrant golfing scene, and its spirit of generosity extends beyond the course. Numerous charity golf tournaments are held throughout the year, offering golfers the opportunity…

Sand Play

Essential Tips for Effortless Sand Play

Sand traps can strike fear into the hearts of even seasoned golfers. But conquering bunkers is all about using the right technique and building confidence. Here are some key Sand Play tips from PGA Golf Professional John Riordan to help…

Paul Sabino superintendant

Paul Sabino is superintendent of The Farms CC, Wallingford

The Multifaceted Role of a Golf Course Superintendent The meticulously manicured greens, the plush fairways – these are the hallmarks of a well-maintained golf course. But have you ever stopped to wonder about the mastermind behind this green oasis? Enter…


The CSGA Fostering Amateur Golf in Connecticut

The Connecticut State Golf Association (CSGA), established in 1899, stands as the oldest state golf association in the nation. This esteemed organization plays a pivotal role in nurturing and promoting amateur golf within the state’s borders. Let’s delve into the…

Anthony Pioppi golf

The Golf Phenomenon: Anthony Pioppi’s Journey to Success

Anthony Pioppi, a renowned Italian golf prodigy, has left an indelible mark on the European Tour with his exceptional skills and unwavering dedication. As a left-handed golfer, Pioppi’s journey to success has been characterized by numerous remarkable achievements and a…