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Miner Hills Golf Course

Master Your Short Game at Miner Hills Golf Course

For golfers seeking a convenient and time-efficient round to hone their short game skills, look no further than Miner Hills Golf Course in Middletown, Connecticut. This charming 9-hole executive course, designed by John S. Ott in 1993, offers a relaxed atmosphere, beautiful scenery, and a strategic layout perfect for beginners, experienced players, and those seeking to refine their short game.

The Executive Miner Hills Course Advantage

Executive courses, featuring shorter layouts with a focus on par 3s and par 4s, offer several advantages for golfers:

  1. Time-Efficient Rounds: Enjoy a satisfying round of golf in less time compared to a traditional 18-hole course. Miner Hills is perfect for a quick afternoon outing or practicing before a tournament.
  2. Focus on Short Game: The executive format allows you to concentrate on perfecting your chipping, pitching, and putting skills, crucial aspects for lowering your score on any course.
  3. Ideal for Beginners: The shorter yardages and emphasis on accuracy make Miner Hills a perfect course for newcomers to learn the fundamentals and gain confidence before tackling longer layouts.
Miner Hills

Strategic Challenge Miner Hills Awaits

Despite its executive designation, Miner Hills Golf Course doesn’t compromise on challenge. Each hole presents unique strategic elements:

  • Well-Designed Layout by John S. Ott: Renowned architect John S. Ott crafted a course that tests your accuracy and course management skills.
  • Variety of Hole Distances: The course offers a nice mix of yardages on each hole, ensuring a well-rounded practice session for your short game.
  • Well-Maintained Greens: The course takes pride in its meticulously kept greens, offering a consistent and true putting surface for a rewarding experience.

Beyond the strategic design, golfers can expect

The course meanders through a picturesque landscape, offering peaceful views of the surrounding Connecticut countryside.
A dedicated practice area allows you to warm up before your round or work on specific aspects of your short game, like chipping and bunker shots.

Miner Hills Golf

The Perfect Place to Refine Your Game

Whether you’re a seasoned player looking to sharpen your short game or a beginner just starting out, Miner Hills Golf Course offers the ideal environment to practice and improve.

  • Develop Your Short Game: The executive format allows you to focus on your iron play, chipping, and putting, essential skills for success on any golf course.
  • Lower Your Scores: Mastering your short game can significantly improve your overall score and increase your enjoyment on the course.
  • Relaxing Atmosphere: Enjoy a stress-free round in a peaceful setting, perfect for focusing on your technique and improving your skills.