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Bruce Berlet has covered golf in CT for over 40 years

Connecticut’s Golfing Legend: A Look at Bruce Berlet’s Career

Bruce Berlet is a name synonymous with Connecticut golf. For over four decades, he has served as a dedicated chronicler of the sport’s triumphs and tribulations within the Constitution State. This article explores Berlet’s significant contributions and delves into some of the newsworthy events he’s covered.

A Pillar of Connecticut Golf Journalism

Berlet’s journalistic journey began in 1972, and golf quickly emerged as his area of expertise. His insightful articles and reports have graced the pages of local publications, keeping Connecticut’s golfing community informed and engaged. His dedication has earned him the respect of players, coaches, and fans alike.

Capturing Memorable Moments

Throughout his career, Berlet has reported on a plethora of captivating events. One such instance is the 2012 New England Senior Amateur Championship, where he documented defending champion Dave Szewczul’s valiant effort to retain his title. Berlet’s detailed account captured the drama as Szewczul ultimately finished a commendable third place.

Bruce Berlet

Showcasing Local Legends

Beyond chronicling tournament results, Berlet shines a light on the talented individuals who shape Connecticut golf. His article highlights the appointment of former Yale standout Bob Heintz as the new head coach at the University of Pennsylvania. Heintz’s impressive collegiate career, including three consecutive Ivy League individual titles, is brought to life by Berlet’s writing.

Promoting Grassroots Events

Berlet isn’t limited to covering elite players. He recognizes the significance of fostering a love for the game at all levels. A prime example is his promotion of the 50th Greater Hartford Amateur Championship, an event accessible to amateur golfers across the state. By highlighting details like entry fees and contact information, Berlet encourages participation and strengthens the local golfing community.

A Legacy of Storytelling

Bruce Berlet’s unwavering dedication to Connecticut golf journalism has left a lasting impression. His work not only documents the sport’s history but also serves as a testament to the passion and talent that thrives within the state.